Specialist in: Interior & Exterior Paints, Deco & Spray, Polishing, P.O.P. and Tiles Marbles, Plumbing Fitting Work, etc.

         About Us


We make them attractive with a artistic flavor, leaving the world staring and admiring. For more than 24 Years, we at Ravi Construction are putting our heart & soul into concrete walls and transforming them into aesthetic mansions and towers. Giving our clients a sense of pride. Be it Plaster, Plumbing or water proofing, we offer one stop – convenience solution.

We understand the passion and effort  that goes into constructing a building. And therefore we consistently come out with innovative concept and colour combinations to compliment your dream projects. To ensure that  the building stand the tests of time and environment. We design’ Future Proof Solution’ with a sense of urgency. Thus increasing the value and popularity of your projects. In short, We enhance the complete look and feel the building and turn it into one of the most reputed addresses.

We at Ravi Construction, believe in team work. Therefore a team of well qualified experts work with ownership mind-set and relentlessly create contemporary design, shades, textures & updated latest construction technology to bring your  project in the limelight.

More than 10 teams of skilled peoples are always on their toes to provide you complete, immediate and personal  attention.

Moreover, we are well – equipped to understand your requirement and offer cost – effective and comprehensive solutions. Channelising our energies to realize maximum potential is out come of our competency. No wonder, our client take our efficiency and commitment for granted.

Our research and development panel is continuously evolving new  ideas to provide you the Innovative creations and services at competitive rates in the following areas like Civil Repairing, Waterproofing, Painting Work, Plumbing Work.

We ensure that they are the most qualified people for the right position, devoted and generous. It is of utmost importance to be generous with the works as this adequately support to deliver a good work. We always hope and look forward to be of service to you now and in the future!

Our mission is incomplete without your support.